About Us


For our Mass Communications class at Furman University, we will be researching the effects that different types of media has on the economy. Sam will cover Advertising and Commercial Media, Sophie will cover Music Economics, Kate will cover Social Media, Jordan will cover Sports Media, and Natalie will cover Wall Street. We will each tell you a bit about what we will cover.


1-800-588-2300 EMPIRE today.

I know that number might not make sense, but many of you might have just sung that jingle in your head after reading EMPIRE.

This is from the Empire carpet company and this jingle has become a daydream staple for people of my generation.

Advertising may be short clips, small product placement, little suggestions on a show, or images on a page, but they can have lasting impact.

In my posts I would dive into the economics and purposes of advertising and its evolution to fit our digital lifestyle. From Super Bowl commercials, to subliminal messaging, product placement, to brand success, and possibly more; I will try to make cents of the prominence of advertising in our modern world.


Music is the one form of media that every person has access to. From hearing music in public places to attending concerts and festivals, music plays a huge role in all of our lives.

Through my posts, I will discuss the role of economics in the music industry and the impacts it has on our society. I will look at different forms of spending money on music (buying albums, streaming sites, concerts, etc.) and where our money goes.


No study of economics in media culture today is complete without Wall St. Economics. We’ve seen it through Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in The Wolf on Wall Street but is that fast paced, high rolling life style what really happens in today’s Wall St?

This blog is meant to help you break down the numbers into a easy way! Now you can follow news so that you remain informed about what is happening around you today! These confusing numbers control the majority of our world and we still remain largely uninformed about it, we are here to help guide you through this!

Examples of the topics covered are: our favorite companies going public and conglomerates controlling our media access.


Sports began as a competitive physical activity that provided entertainment to its participants. Now, the world of sport has evolved into a highly commercialized industry.

Sports are everywhere all the time; Nike commercials starring elite athletes, billboards advertising the Olympics, or fans making brackets for the NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness tournament.

The sports industry itself has created a multi-billion dollar economy within itself. Whether it’s selling tickets, merchandise, advertisements,  and pay-per-view or viewers watching a game the sports industry has multiple outlets to reaching the masses.

This blog will cover the money behind the sports industry society doesn’t see.


As more and more people bring social media into their daily lives, small and large businesses are integrating it into their company’s success plan as well. Social media now provides a new medium of communication unlike any other, one that companies can attract and target audiences in a very efficient and effective way.

The relationship between social media and economics is a reliant one; social media needs economics to grow and economics need social media. Without either, our society would not succeed.

This blog will cover the impacts social media has on businesses of all shapes and sizes.