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How Is Music Funding Being Affected?

Under the Trump administration, massive budget cuts have been made for the arts. What does this mean for music?

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Public schools that are centered around music and the arts like The Fine Arts Center in Greenville, SC will have a much harder time getting the funding they need.

I went to high school at The Fine Arts Center and while I was there, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley cut $1 million from the state’s support of the arts. So during my last couple years at FAC we had many more fundraisers than we had in the past to make up for the money we used to rely on.


The NEA, or National Endowment of the Arts, is a federal organization that supports all genres of music through performing ensembles and music presenting institutions. Their support ranges from professional symphonies to school ensembles.

In the past ten years, they have donated almost $40 million to help facilitate live performances and tours.  Needless to say, the NEA is essential to helping people chase their passions, especially if they are at or near the poverty line.

In part of Trump’s $1 trillion budget cuts, the NEA will be dramatically changed.  In response to this, Neil Portnow from The Recording Agency wrote to Congress, pleading for Trump to continue funding the NEA.

“Love of music and the arts brings us together, and celebrates the richness of American culture and our spirit of curiosity and creativity. Music and art serve as one of America’s greatest exports, and support jobs for creators in cities, towns and rural areas across the country. The White House proposal to eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts is shortsighted and alarming.

-Neil Portnow

The Music Industry’s Response

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.26.54 PM

In December, nineteen different music organizations united to express their concerns to President Trump through a letter.


Andrew Rafferty of NBC News

Jessica Whitman of Entertainment Weekly

Klisala Harrison, The Relationship of Poverty to Music

National Endowment for the Arts

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2 thoughts on “How Is Music Funding Being Affected?

  1. What an informative comment! I didn’t even know what the NEA was until I read this post. Really good job. I am very curious to see what else emerges out of this national issue as Trump is in office. Great Job!


  2. Hey Sophie! I think it was a very informative post but the quote in the middle took up so much space that it seemed to take up more informational space than the other writing did. It is a great quote but maybe just shorten it and add additional information from somewhere else. -Sam Fowler


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